Executive Transfer to Santiago

Since July 2012 we have provided excellence and efficiency, our service from Curuama to the eastern sector of Santiago (Manquehue Norte) every working day of the year uninterruptedly.

We know very well what the executives of Curauma require: Fast, comfortable, safe, consistent, planned and close to executives, highlighting a door-to- door service from their homes and to their work destinations and vice versa.

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Service features

  • Arrival on time to our destination
  • Consistency in routes and stops
  • Movies on return
  • Sale of snacks
  • Human collector
  • Experienced drivers
  • Back Up Buses in case of a tie
  • Comfortable seats
  • Availability of blankets
  • Telephone assistance in case of
    inquiries or complaints
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Vehicles Equipped with:

  • Air conditioner
  • heating
  • Seat belt
  • DVD Video
  • Engine brake
  • Retarder brake
  • ABS brakes
  • Microphone
  • Radio with CD
  • Pneumatic suspension
  • Tachograph
  • Experienced drivers
  • UV protection windows
  • Panoramic Windows
Origen Destino Horarios Lugares
Curauma 6:15 Villa Fundadores
6:20 Frente Ekono
6:21 Rotonda Llanos
6:27 Jardines de Curauma – PUCV
6:30 Santa Isabel
Providencia – Las Condes 7:48 La Concepción
7:50 Los Leones
7:55 Tobalaba
8:00 El Golf
8:05 Escuela Militar
8:10 Manquehue Norte
Origen Destino Horarios Lugares
Rosario Norte – Cerro el Plomo 18:05 Rosario Norte – Cerro el Plomo
18:10 Escuela Militar
18:12 Alcantara
18:15 El Golf
18:20 Av. El Bosque Norte
18:23 Edificio Titanium
18:27 Rotonda Perezujovic
Curauma 19:48 Santa Isabel de Curauma
19:51 Jardines de Curauma
19:56 Rotonda Llanos
20:00 Frente Ekono
20:05 Villa Fundadores
Origen Destino Traslado Período Precio
Curauma Providencia – Las Condes Sólo Ida o Regreso Diario $3.500
Curauma Providencia – Las Condes Sólo Ida y Regreso Diario $6.500
Curauma Providencia – Las Condes Sólo Ida y Regreso Mensual $121.000